The Festival presents this special free screening on the last day of TIFF ’22, in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II.

The final film from late director Roger Michell (Notting Hill), Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s) organizes archival footage and behind-the-scenes access into a series of chapters on the life of the longest-lived and longest-reigning monarch in British history.


Special Presentations

Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s)

Roger Michell

Said Michell in his director’s statement:

“... Her image [is] everywhere, on coins and stamps and banknotes and on tea towels and mugs and Sex Pistol record sleeves and carrier bags... images encountered, consciously or unconsciously ... She’s a fiction... a function of our imagination... and yet she [lived].”

“… [Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts(s) is] a celebration, but without judgement or voice-over or debate or talking heads or commentary. A truly cinematic Mystery Tour up and down the decades; playful, poetic, funny, disobedient, ungovernable, affectionate, inappropriate, mischievous… And in awe….”


Sun Sep 18

Scotiabank 12