Festival Street

Toronto Dance Theatre: Quick Takes on Dance

In Quick Takes on Dance, watch as dancers try to beat the clock in this iconic performance party that celebrates the wide spectrum of dance happening in Toronto. Ten incredible artists are given the stage and a time limit of three minutes — anyone who goes over the time limit will have their performance immediately cut off by a timekeeper. Curated by Toronto Dance Theatre’s artistic director Andrew Tay, this dance activation will feature one-of-a-kind performances from tap to contemporary, street dance to flamenco, and more!

Toronto Dance Theatre is Toronto’s original dance provocateurs who bring Toronto’s dance creativity to the world, and the world to Toronto. TDT is the legendary artistic home and collaboration hub where, since 1968, curious creators, ensemble performers, and audiences inspire each other to create and celebrate new explorations of dance that reflect our times, our diverse cultures, and communities. Ever fresh and adventurous, TDT is driven to make a significant impact in Canadian dance by developing new works, supporting artists in their choreographic practices, and creating empowering dance experiences in the community.


Sat Sep 10

Slaight Music Stage